Podziękowanie EOA

Dear Andrzej,

On behalf of EOA EC, I’ll thank you, Andrzej and also Alina, Elzbieta, Kinga and Katja for all your efforts for our 14th EOA congress.

It was really a great succes and you, the board of POL-ILKO did a great job for the delegates of EOA. I’m sure all the attendees, will never forget this wonderful and well organized congress in Krakow.

Thank you all, very, very much for all your efforts! Well done!

Please will you bring our compliments and greetings to all the speakers of the Medical Day. Also to Mr. Stanislaw Majewski for the nice present of the famous “Dragon of Krakow”.

Thank you very much again. Please bring our best regards and thanks to the Board of POL-ILKO.

Warm greetings for all of you from the Netherlands,

Ria Smeijers,
President EOA.

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